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Envirolead Canada is a subsidiary of Canadian Resource Development Inc an integrated group of consultants committed to provide quality solutions in geosciences and engineering across Canada and abroad. With our core values of Service, Integrity and Excellence, we pride ourselves on our culture of delivering and watching the best interest of our clients... More


Specializing in carbonate petrography, we provide complete petrographic analyses of both clastic and carbonate rocks consisting of detailed microscopic examination of thin sections prepared from core and well cuttings including identification and description of minerals, alchemy, texture, sorting, grain size distribution, porosity types, pore geometry, matrix, cement, diagenetic events recognizable from thin sections and rock classification.

We specialize in reservoir and source rock evaluation through core and well cuttings analysis, biostratigraphy analysis, petro physical calculations, and preparation of sedimentary synthesis logs including depositional and diagenetic models using microfiches, sediment logical, geochemical and well log data. In addition, we also specialize in development of structural and tectonic models for the studied areas.

In collaboration with Tight Oil Consortium (TOC) Lab University of Calgary, our partner MKC Consulting uses latest laboratory instruments and state of the art software to offer complete reservoir characterization of unconventional plays especially shale gas and shale oil. . We pride ourselves on our team, and on our culture of learning and professional development. We strive to be the best organization for environmental professionals - one where they can develop and prosper.

We strives to provide top quality wellsite geological supervision, remote geo-steering, heavy oil development coring and SAGD wells drilling. Our highly qualified geological team is experienced in drilling various conventional and unconventional Canadian plays, oil sands and SAGD drilling, with a track record of delivering dependable and quality work while maintaining the highest ethical standards. In addition, we specialize in play & prospect analyses, geophysical seismic analyses & interpretation, seismic & well data conditioning, complete core analyses & rock cutting samples, fracture characterization & analyses.

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Envirolead Canada partners with Synergy Institute of Professional Studies (SYNIPS Canada) for professional development short training courses in geosciences, engineering, organizational excellence, and safety to help working professionals and fresh graduates achieve professional success.

Engineering .

Our result driven engineering services are offered through teams of self-motivated professional engineers with highly analytical aptitude, multidisciplinary background, and broad based experience in completion of numerous projects in Canada and abroad.

Reliable and success driven services to oil and gas industry covering project design, construction, manufacturing, maintenance and management of oil and gas facilities and petrochemical plants. our particular strength includes facilities engineering of crude oil process plants, oil refineries, gas compressor stations, condensate recovery units, gas and liquid dehydration units, desalted and dehydration plants, water/gas injection for enhancement of oil recovery, produced water treatment/disposal, production and distribution of brackish water with complex hydraulic network. Preparation of technical reports with conceptual and detailed drawings, development of specifications and contract documents.

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Pipeline design and materials for gas plant, compressor stations, wellsite piping, SAGD plants, storage tanks pipelines and pressure vessels; stress and integrity analyses of buried pipelines, preparation of alignment sheets, pressure testing plans, and CSA Z662 code compliance reviews; experience and in-depth knowledge of ASME B31 codes, CSA Z662, CSA B51, ASME Section IX and local regulations for Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

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Civil and structural design of steel and concrete structures involving 3D model, cloud works or 2D drawings; design of roads, bridges, foundation, pile, drainage systems, docks, tank farms, culverts, storm water ponds, pavements, and intersections etc. Construction administration that includes contract administration, site engineering or field engineering; management of projects through progress reporting, coordination, budget and schedule monitoring and reporting. Earth work that includes site grading, culvert installation, installation of berms, construction of ditches, construction of pads, gravel spread and compaction.

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With immensely experienced team and a culture of learning, we offer common sense based, sustainable and cost effective environmental solutions in climate change strategies / green house gas emissions and measurement, contaminated site assessment (Phase I, II & III) and site remediation/reclamation, environmental impact assessment (EIA), biophysical (BIA) and wetland assessments (WIA), environmental planning, management, monitoring, and liability assessment for a variety of sectors such as oil and gas, land development, real-estate and construction infrastructure. These services are provided under regulatory permit to practice and adequate coverage of insurance.

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