Contaminated Sites and Remediation

Based on initial assessment (Phase I –Environmental Site Assessment), we develop a detail investigation plan to determine the contamination of a site. If the contamination confirms, the next step provides the extent of soil, groundwater contamination. This detail investigation provide us the necessary information to delineate the extent of contamination in soil, groundwater to prepare a remediation plan.

Remediation is the next step to delineate the site. We work closely with our clients include county and their contractors to identify the scope and nature of the contamination and assist develop a comprehensive plan for remediation. Each site or facility is carefully reviewed to determine the most effective method for ensuring that it is safely restored and meet all regulatory conditions include PSAB 3260.

We are continuously exploring new remediation technologies and innovative processes so that we are able to provide our clients with the latest advancements in the area of environmental remediation. Each phase is carefully documented to minimize the risk to the environment, both today and over the long term.

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