Wetlands Assessment

Wetlands are immaculate ecosystems and a valuable source of biodiversity and diverse habitat functioning. Wetlands are generally defined as areas that are saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally. EnviroLead has comprehensive knowledge in dealing with the Wetland assessment, delineation, management, regulatory compliance, compensation and conservation in Alberta, Western Canada and internationally. EnviroLead can help both in the commercial planning of the wetlands and scientific research and evaluation for a variety of institutions. 

EnviroLead’s personnel has advanced knowhow of the implications of various acts and legislation in Alberta and Canada such as Alberta Wetland Policy, Alberta Water act, EPEA, Public lands act, Species at risk act, Migratory birds conventions act, Wildlife act and others. With detailed experience and applied management techniques EnviroLead can help clients in dealing with sustainable development of various residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure growths. EnviroLead will engage in robust planning exercise starting from understanding of the project development design to site assessments and developing mitigation strategies. Its experts uses various sources of imagery and GIS analytical techniques to augment the planning and implementation processes.

EnviroLead experience spans over two and half decades of dealing with very large waterbodies, rivers and lakes to small inland wetlands in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe as well as contributing to policies and practices here at home in Alberta and in various parts of the globe. EnviroLead has dealt with wetland ecosystems in the highest places on the planet including riverine deltas, small and large water reservoirs, dams and naturally occurring wetlands in the rural countryside.

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