Dr. Hafeez Chishti is a Professional Geologist/Geoscientist registered in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, who specializes in both hydrogeology and environmental geochemistry

With 20+ years of extensive experience in environmental consulting, and having worked as a Technical Advisor with Pinchin West of Calgary (2007 – 2015), Dr. Chishti has proven competence in all aspects of air, soil and groundwater contamination, environmental site assessments, environmental impact assessment, site characterization, remediation, risk assessment, risk management, reclamation and regulatory compliance monitoring.  He has directly dealt with wide spectrum of contaminated site upstream projects of energy companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Canadian Natural Resource, Encana, Cenovus, Pero-Canada, ConocoPhillips, Apache, Suncor, and Husky; and with a range of big and small scale downstream/commercial projects.

Dr. Chishti offers professional development courses to his fellow industry professionals across Canada in the area of environmental site assessment.  With  strong ability of applying general scientific principles to resolve site specific problems. Dr. Chishti has been actively involved in providing research based scientific support for a numerous and diversified environmental projects related to contamination of air, soil and water at both upstream and downstream sites.

Dr. Chishti has authored and co-authored several research papers published in international journals such as Elsevier, and a book titled Environmental Investigation Methodology for Contaminated Sites, published by Trafford Publishing (USA, Canada, UK). He is a visiting/guest lecturer at University of Calgary (Alberta).  He has presented twice at the WaterTech conference in Alberta during the recent years.

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